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Perfect Pushup Review | Does The Perfect Pushup Work? Perfect Pushup Rotating Handles Reviewed

First off, I want to tell you I am a REAL user of the Perfect Pushup.

You have arrived at the home of Perfect Pushup Here is where you can get everything you want to know about the hugely popular bestselling Perfect Pushup rotating handles exercise tool.

I use the Perfect Pushup every time I do pushups and I workout 6 days a week! :)

My  son visited our home recently, saw the Perfect Pushup handles on my living room floor and immediately grabbed them and began doing pushups like crazy.

My son is really into working out and he could not believe how much more comfortable they made pushups — he also noticed the pushups were more challenging and using more of his muscles.

He tried to talk me out of my Perfect Pushup handles but I refused! :)

So he promptly ordered his own.

He travels a lot for work and he loves that the Perfect Pushup fits right in his suitcase.

Usually if your workout is more challenging it is less comfortable…at least that is what I have found in the past.

However with the Perfect Pushup you can be more comfortable doing pushups PLUS get a better more challenging workout.

The Perfect Pushup was created by Alden Mills, a former U.S. Navy SEAL.

This pushup training tool will assist you in performing the perfect pushup – giving you better form,  much more comfort and tremendous results as it has for our family. :)

It was originally created to help you engage more muscles (get more results out of each of  your pushups) and to reduce joint strain while performing pushups.

That may sound like no big deal but if you have done many pushups you may have noticed wrist strain or elbow pain. I know I was dealing with that pain daily!

The pushup is one of the oldest body weight exercises – but if you do it the traditional way it can cause strain and injury.

With the Perfect Pushup's rotating handles it allows your arms to rotate in a more natural manner.

Because of this rotation, the Perfect Pushup speeds up results in building muscle because you will engage more muscles in your arms, chest, shoulders and back.

You will also find that your shoulder joint will be stabilized and strengthened because the Perfect Pushup more effectively engages your rotator cuff and scapular muscles.

We were thrilled with the increased comfort while doing a pushup the very first time we used it.

The Perfect Pushup also comes with an instructional poster that shows you a fully customizable 21 day plan for your workouts based on SEAL training that can be adjusted to any fitness level – beginner through highly advanced athlete.

At first I really thought that the Perfect Pushup was simply infomercial hype….until I tried it for myself (along with my husband and son) and we definitely give it

"2 thumbs up!"

Check out the Perfect Pushup for yourself and I think you will be very pleasantly surprised – and your physique will show it!

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